Quality Control

The Quality Control policy of the Syndicate Pharma is to ensure that the quality of the product is to satisfy the requirements of customer and society according to current good laboratory and manufacturing practices.

Quality Objectives:

  - To manufacture the product remembering the requirements of customer and society

  - To achieve the quality with current Good Manufacturing and Laboratory practices.

  - To maintain the work place and environment neat and clean

  - To apply the corrective changes for implementing the system

Responsibility of Quality Assurance:

  - To authorize the written procedures and other documents including amendments.

  - To follow the current Good Laboratory practices.

  - To monitoring the compliance of the quality of product with cGMP requirements.

  - Rejection / monitoring and approvals of supplier’s materials.

  - Rejection / monitoring and approvals of manufacturers and suppliers.

  - Inspect and analyze the received materials and manufactured goods as per written specifications and STPs.

  - Validation of processes and calibration of measuring instruments and devices.

  - Maintain the Hygienic condition in work place and laboratory areas.

  - Monitor and control of manufacturing environment.

  - Conduct the stability testing as per procedure.

  - Control of Documentation and records.

  - Handling the complaints of products.

  - Monitoring and releasing of finished goods.

  - Planning of environment control and standardization of working standards and solution.

  - Inspection and records of control samples.

  - Training and records of control samples.

  - Training of Quality Control personnel according to need.

  - Take corrective and preventive action in favour of quality of the products and received materials.

  - Monitoring and signing on MPCR and BPCR.

Elements of Quality Assurance System:

  - Organization .

  - Quality control resources.

  - Quality Management procedure and documents.